How AI And Nutrition Are Reversing Fatal Diseases, with Anthony Ortiz, Ep #72


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Anthony Ortiz is the founder and CEO of Fitly, a two-time digital health award winner, and he hosts multiple patents. Anthony has been featured in major publications worldwide, including Shark Tank, Forbes, Good Morning America, and many others. He is a creator of the Smart Plate. The world's fastest, easiest, and most accurate food tracker ever invented. Anthony believes that the power of AI and nutrition will assist in preventing and even reversing lifestyle-related diseases. I’m very excited to have connected with Anthony through Clubhouse and to share his story here with you.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • What is a Smart Plate and how was the idea born? [3:00]
  • Are people actually taking pictures of their food? [7:36]
  • How Smart Plate works? [8:23]
  • Is Smart Plate right for you, your family, or clients? [12:21]
  • How are the big medical groups receiving Smart Plate? [14:54]
  • Dismissing myths between AI and nutrition [16:17]
  • How did Anthony land Tony Robins but not Shark Tank? [18:56]
  • Social media impact, how important is it for growing business? [21:34]
  • A special offer from Anthony and Smart Plate, just for our listeners [27:16]

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