Controversial, Polarizing, or Misunderstood? with JT Foxx - Entrepreneur, Wealth & Business Coach, Ep #75


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In this episode of Coming Clean we have JT Foxx. He’s an equity fund manager, serial entrepreneur, investor, and the world's #1 wealth and business coach. Recently, JT has been under fire on the Clubhouse platform for a wide range of accusations, which he will talk about here today. We will learn about JT, hear his side of the story, and talk about changes he plans to make going forward. Is he sorry? Will he change? Should he? You’ll have to listen to find out!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Who is JT Foxx? [2:05]
  • How JT went from real estate to the world's #1 wealth & business coach. [8:11]
  • What's the importance of coaching and who is the perfect candidate [12:36]
  • Getting suspended from Clubhouse… what happened? [14:22]
  • Allegations… there are always two sides to every story [20:27]
  • The kitchen is hot. You will get burned. [25:31]
  • The biggest lesson JT is taking away from this experience [32:29]
  • It’s not the advice, it’s the delivery. [36:32]
  • JT Foxx’s apology and promises going forward [38:26]

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