Kicking Booze and Breaking News with Courtney Friel, Ep #77


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In this episode of Coming Clean Podcast, I have the lovely Courtney Friel who is not just an author, newswoman extraordinaire, and a mom, but also a bad-ass who has been crushing sobriety for 11 years now! Through the telling of her own story, Courtney hopes to help others struggling with addiction. Listen to the show to learn more about this incredibly strong woman with an amazing outlook on life and learn how she’s dealing with life on life’s terms without turning back to drugs and alcohol.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Why Courtney waited so long to come out about her sobriety [3:35]
  • Courtney’s process of healing and discovering herself through journaling [6:22]
  • What was it that pushed Courtney to start drinking at 15? [10:39]
  • When did she realize she had a real problem? [12:59]
  • Was there ever fear that something would go wrong? [16:47]
  • What’s been the biggest lesson [21:08]
  • Did the pressure of being the youngest newscaster at Fox affect her addiction? [29:00]
  • What’s next for Courtney [34:22]
  • 2020 talk and finding a positive spin [40:12]

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