Under The Shadow of Being Black and Gay. with Zeke Thomas — Sexual Assault & Mental Awareness Advocate, Ep #71


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My guest today is a world-class DJ, musician, producer, and reality show star who’s worked with many well-known individuals. I’m so honored that he’s come on the podcast to share his story with us. It’s an example of how those who go through the most devastating circumstances can overcome, move forward, and make incredible changes in their lives.

Zeke Thomas is thankful he’s been given the opportunity to use his story to help others in a variety of areas. He and I shared many things in common, including a past that includes sexual abuse. But we both see our stories as the stories of overcoming. I hope you listen to this episode so you can benefit in one of two ways… either by better understanding the issues that arise in a person’s life when they are abused, or by being helped in your own healing journey.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Zeke’s experience as a young boy growing up in the home of a famous father [1:22]
  • How loneliness inspired Zeke to take his story and message public [9:27]
  • Experiencing discrimination in ways that aren’t expected or commonly known [13:10]
  • Advice to teens who are seeking to spread their wings [23:11]
  • Zach’s move into DJing and how he’s battled various addictions [27:26]
  • Being abused as an adult and how Zach responded and began his healing [37:00]
  • Are social media platforms infringing on our rights as individuals? [49:50]

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