Ep 247: Khloé/Tristan/Lamar Debrief, Megan Fox, Drake Date + Kardashian Recap & More


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What a week on Instagram. Emma and Julie begin the episode - almost immediately - with a full blown debrief on the Tristan Thompson/Lamar Odom comment interaction heard round the world. They discuss the immediate reaction, the public’s stance, a full timeline, and so much more.

They then get into Drake’s Dodger Stadium date with Johanna Leia, spotted by ABC7’s chopper, the TikToks that started it all, and more. They also discuss the Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green comment interaction that happened this weekend, and what it said about the state of their relationship. They then touch on the InStyle interview that centered Megan’s resurgence.

ABC7 Tweet: https://url.emailprotection.link/?bOMdMz5lxYbcrJ2CsSVho204LURi0iaykEMJ7SvuyEn2cnSb09cDRRGWPB_2vg2NnhzoVKGdXotOUV3Yva7KYwQfgG92Hhf5kfVwHE6EWy7wbu-FedUXYt38fccCFe-2Y

Megan Fox InStyle: https://url.emailprotection.link/?bThoCbRPzw-oqFH2fCs5LrH-jSwxGEjuq8IoiGthErTybGNgkRq1UcGE5RrL0HR2ypH0aNcAkJonK9Rmmm1vvNi9npeyIFK5b3Aw5LxQwm2328hW8l49PTuKb0venzS-p

They briefly touch on Olivia Jade’s reaction to the Gossip Girl mention, before getting into the Kardashian Recap. There, they discuss Kylie’s 3 Part YouTube series, the KKW rebrand, and Kourtney & Travis.

Olivia Jade TikTok: https://url.emailprotection.link/?bv2xPsBhnm3RvRs-UKbYccEJARzVwHt_wu7SMnXl-rxelgWxHcbHE_tQcS5BhvgKFs-LedMNTlwkhnbHfge9WYg~~

Kylie Part 1: https://url.emailprotection.link/?bGFWIxJwEA0kakgwyYhXLyLfoDB6qXH8N-P5oxNY-VVQNe5J9AC-0VYY4wZVdQN8Zn-NnqcEeRr8cFDIwYV1vJA~~

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