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RHOP ~ 3:00

Emma and Isabel begin recapping this week’s Potomac, where we resume at Wendy’s “Nude Interlude” party and finish what was started last week. Plus, Karen hosts a “Love Lunch” where tensions between Wendy and Mia heighten. Plus, Gizelle’s West Wing and Ray Hugers hilarious game answer.

RHOBH ~ 17:00

This week, Beverly Hills gave us everything and more. We got some deep insight into Erika dealing with the saga/divorce/lawsuits surrounding Tom and the women’s reactions as details emerge. Isabel and Emma give their takes on the ever-changing situation and piecing together Erika’s stories.

RHONY ~ 55:00

Finally, New York - another lackluster episode from Salem. We see Sonja and Bershan get into an altercation (edited into a flashback) and Luann, Ramona and Leah confronting Sonja about her drinking.

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