Transforming Apartments with Kevin Green of Greenwin


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Kevin Green, President of Greenwin, is our guest in today’s episode. Greenwin started off as a construction company in 1948 founded by Kevin’s grandfather. Now, they own and manage thousands of properties in Ontario and Quebec.

We are taken through the fascinating 70 year history of Greenwin and the many pivots the company has made. Kevin talks about the partnership his company has formed with First National as well as successful crime prevention efforts in their apartment buildings.

Topics covered include:

  • Strategies to reposition apartments with major tenant and crime issues.
  • How improving a building can lift an entire neighbourhood.
  • The apartment market in Toronto in the 1960s.
  • Greenwin’s approach towards partnerships.
  • When the company moved from building to owning.
  • Surge points for the growth of Greenwin.
  • The long-time relationship that Greenwin has had with First National.
  • Why it was difficult to finance apartment builds in the mid 2010s.
  • Crime prevention through environmental design.
  • Social programs implemented in Greenwin buildings.
  • The partnership with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.
  • Taking on challenges that others will not.

More about our guest….

Kevin leads Greenwin’s acquisition, financing and revitalization initiatives. He has successfully guided the organization to be the industry leader in the areas of corporate social responsibility and repositioning of existing rental stock.

A tireless community leader, Kevin works with several social reform organizations that combine property management and social programming to increase the quality of life in Toronto’s Black Creek community. He is also President of the Israel Tennis and Education Centers Foundation Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing peace to the Middle East through coexistence.

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