Fawning, Enmeshment, Relational Triggers (What is CPTSD, Alex)


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As CPTSD trainees, we're programmed to give a lot of our energy to others. A lot of access to our brains, too. So what happens in life when you're pre-emptively influenced by the thoughts, feelings, and desires of everyone else instead of your own? When fawning, fronting, and worrying becomes your relationship style, what are the long term effects on a brain? Uh... your life on CPTSD, that's what. Talking abuse, boundaries, codependency, defeat, emotional entanglement, fawning, generational trauma, historical learning, inner critics and the rest of the trauma alphabet. She's a biggum. This is the attenuated version of the 1.5 hour long episode... which is a shortened version of the FULL 2 hour long bad boy that gets... real personal... available on the Traumatized Motherfucker Private Patreon Stream. Check it out and get all the other MF's stories, full research episodes, and access to the TMFR support community while yer there. Check instagram.com/traumatized.motherfuckers for wisdom when I get around to it. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/complextrauma/message

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