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For a year we've talked CPTSD research and actual life outcomes, diving into the past to understand our cognitive and emotional origins - from violence to narcissist manipulation to societal narratives. Plus, why we keep living the same self-destructive loops with the same people who are wired the same as everyone we grew up with. Brain patterning, "connection," and automatic program activation are really something.

Now, it's time to move on from the past. Let's stop living IN trauma, and focus on the way forward. Developing a life for YOU, your Self, rather than trying to live for everyone else.

If you're ready to stop wallowing and get walking, join me for Chapter Two of TMFRS: Yer Stupid Fucking Brain (Life on Reprogramming).

If you're still looking for the early CPTSD research and relatable experiential reflections, the "I'm living in hell" backlog awaits! Get caught up and jump into making changes with the rest of your new fucked up friends in the TMFR support community.

Wherever you're at, hit up and search "traumatized motherfuckers" to get started.

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