Moving for Mental Health


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The past 3 years of life have been determined by applying behavior analysis to my traumatized life and making big, frightening moves. Annnd it's time for another one - moving out of Atlanta and into my (gulp) midwestern mom's house. Talking about scarcity trauma, PTSD-based cohabitating challenges, and the ways my shitty past skews appraisal of the future.... plus, overcoming the challenges of doubting my decisions and living with my triggering mother, so that change is possible. Let's get midrestless. Have something to say? Reach out at and apply to be part of the private discord community! Looking for more trauma resources? Help me grow this betch - donate through the podcast bio, Patreon, Paypal, Ko-Fi, or Amazon wish list to help this MF get more work done. --- Send in a voice message:

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