Avoid DEA Fines: Perpetual vs Continuous Inventory


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This weeks episode is about perpetual versus continuous inventory. Carlos has seen a lot of problems and confusion with this. Pharmacists, Whether they are e doing dispensing with commercial or, or compound, it doesn't matter he says, they don't keep track of their control substances where they should, and its due to the confusing way the regulation is written.

has caused me a lot of hand wringing. I really wanted to give you easily digestible information in 15-20 minutes but our conversation came out much longer. I tried to look at it and see how I could edit it down but there is so much good information I couldn’t decide what to take out. I also wasn’t able to break this down into 2 or 3 episodes as I am able to do with some others. So I am hoping that you have a nice long drive and have some time to dedicate to this episode.

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