Compliance Fraud and Your Outsourced Sales Team: Case Studies


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Part 2: In our last episode with Darshan and compliance for your sales team, we covered fair market value the False Claims Act and the anti kickback law. During this installment Darshan will review cases of pharmacies that are under investigation why the fines and penalties associated with their transgressions and how marketers can get in sued for their involvement. If you would like to see the PowerPoint slides that accompany this information, go to the farmers salon YouTube channel. You can find it by typing in our name farmer salon. If you have any questions for Dr. Shawn. He can be contacted at 302-252-6959 and on Twitter at Darshan talks. If you liked this podcast, don't forget to subscribe or leave a comment. You can do so on our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page or you can leave us a voicemail message on our website.
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