Is Your Certifier Contaminating Your Lab?


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Garbing and Behavior Considerations for Those Servicing USP 797 Customers Podcast with Abby Roth from Critical Point Nearly every certification company Abby has worked with has at some point had viable results come back from the lab that are off the charts. It may be something like 120 CFU/m3 of Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, and Corynebacterium species on a sample; and the counts are similar for all buffer and ante-room results. When you receive results like this, two thoughts will likely run through your mind. First, wow they are a mess! And second, oh wait, what if this was from us? You are going to have to share the results with the customer regardless of the cause. But first, you will want to determine if the exceeded results were due to poor garbing or behavior practices or sampling errors on your end. This way, when you discuss the results with your customer, you are prepared to share the corrective actions your organization is taking to prevent issues like this in the future.
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