Innovating for 503A Growth: Looking Within


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I wanted to explore how compounding pharmacies can grow their business. I know, particularly with 503A’s that compounding pharmacies are looking for new ways to increase revenue and I became intrigued with the idea of finding new markets that a pharmacy may not have initially intended when they opened for business. One of the things that I want to explore during this series is the idea of looking outward to grow. By that I mean, exploring partners and opportunities that may not be part of your core business.

The first person I spoke with about this is Greg McKetrick from Stanley Pharmacy. Through this series he took me on a journey of how he successfully embraced business relationships to create new partners ranging from doctors to suppliers. Relationships and a level of trust has opened up not just new opportunities in traditional pharmacy/client/customer relationships but entire new revenue streams that were never even dreamed of when Stanley Pharmacy was founded

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