Compuschmooze Podcast #33: PR manager Vanessa Schneider discusses online invitations and meeting planning


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Vanessa Schneider, senior public relations manager,
Vanessa Schneider, senior public relations manager,

The CompuSchmooze podcast returns with an interview about event planning online, with our guest, Vanessa Schneider, senior public relations manager of, an online event organizing site.

Listen to the podcast here:

Read the article based on this interview in the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey.

Vanessa Hope Schneider, Senior Public Relations Manager, EventBrite

Vanessa generates media coverage of Eventbrite and its customers. She believes that the best way to tell Eventbrite’s story is to tell the stories of all of the people who use it. Before working at Eventbrite, Vanessa lived in New York City and worked in the book publishing industry. She managed the publicity campaigns for several New York Times Bestsellers, including Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern and The Drunkard’s Walk by CalTech professor Leonard Mlodinow. She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she studied English and Creative Writing.

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