Jetpack Sightings, AdBlockers, Anti-Procrastination Smart Glasses, More!


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Both Segments: Mike Cermak, Owner/Operator
We learn and share and see a lot more than tech support come out of the site every day. I like to think that we make some small difference in the world. Even in this day of complicated software, spyware and viruses, our great team of Moderators and volunteers help to make computing a little easier for everyone who visits. With more than 100 new users registering every day, Tech Support Guy shows no sign of stopping.
‘Just passed a guy in a jetpack’: sightings at Los Angeles airport fuel concern | Los Angeles | The Guardian
Apple’s move to make advertising harder on iOS 14 is part of a trend – The Verge
Engaging with people who use ad blockers – Think with Google
Blocking most Advertising servers via factory router firmware. : privacy
These ‘anti-procrastination’ smart glasses use AI to monitor what you look at all day – The Verge
The First Productivity Boosting Smart Glasses | Indiegogo
FULL REVEAL! Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip tested live in pig brains – YouTube
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