New Age Investment Opportunities in Indian Real Estate with Aryaman Vir, Founder and CEO of MYRE Capital


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Joining us today is our first returning guest, the founder & CEO of MYRE Capital, Aryaman Vir.
Since we last spoke with Aryaman, MYRE announced a 10x growth in its user base, within just 12 months, registering over 30,000 investors and Assets Under Management in excess of Rs. 175 Cr.

Although he joined us on the show last year to talk about Fractional Ownership, today, Aryaman joins us to talking about his exciting new venture at MYRE, the launch of a Real Estate specific AIF (Alternative Investment Fund).
As described by MYRE, the AIF “will be a first-of-its-kind SEBI regulated Neo-Investment fund, and will invest in A+ grade commercial real estate properties, which will be tenanted by blue-chip tenants for long-term leases”.

But what is an AIF?
How does it differ from other private sector investment options in Real Estate such as Fractional Ownership?
What has the journey in real estate been for a tech enabled startup like MYRE?
What does the future hold for investors in Indian real estate?

The answers to all of this and more in the conversation ahead!

So, as always, tune in for some Concrete Conversations!
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