Rams Settlement Analysis with Howard Balzer


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Dan & Dan & Howard Balzer!

Legendary NFL Writer and Hall of Fame Voter, Howard Balzer is back on Conduct Detrimental! Howard joined us last time to provide the key background details for the Rams Relocation Lawsuit. There he analyzed the mindsets of St. Louis jurors, the pulse of fans, and potential settlement options (even expansion). If you missed that episode, check it out here.

This time Howard (13:44) gives us his analysis on the settlement agreement between Kroenke and St. Louis for $790M. Howard gives great insight into the general feel of the city of St. Louis and what this means for them. Was expansion even discussed?? This is a big win for the NFL, and even the possibility of the documents being destroyed before the public can see them. What about the indemnification agreement?? When Howard is on, it is always a must-listen.


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