S08: Episode 8.206: Georgea Brooks & Yaw Attuah


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It’s Finals time! Chris Paul and the Suns and Giannis and the Bucks, here we go! RAPTORS: Jalen Harris has been suspended for a year for violating the NBA’s drug policy. Of course we will learn more, but how is this the solution and how bad do you feel for Harris? All of the attention is on the Siakam/Warriors and of course Masai and Kyle’s status. What else are you thinking about right now as a Raptors fan? NBA: Team Canada! Wow! What a game, what a tournament and what a heartbreak. Thoughts? What do you think will be the definitive narrative of this Suns/Bucks Finals? Quickish Questions and more! With Georgea Brooks and Yaw Attuah. Support Confederacy of Dunks Brought to you By: The Sonar Network

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