Growth Marketing in the COVID Era


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On the latest episode, we have the founder of Right Side Up, Tyler Elliston, in for a discussion about growth marketing in the COVID era. Right Side Up is a collective of growth marketing specialists that have helped 200+ venture-backed tech companies hit their goals. They’ve worked with names such as Stitch Fix, DoorDash, Calm, Roman, Segment, Crunchbase, Faire, Wealthfront, Zenefits, and many earlier stage companies.

We get a glimpse into Tyler’s background and what it’s been like working during COVID-19 (he and his family all got it and have recovered, which I was relieved to hear). We also dig into shifting product/market fit on a dime (we’ve all had to shift a bit this year, but some have shifted further and faster than others). Plus, we take a look into the future. This was a great, optimistic chat with a growth marketer of the highest order.

Have fun!

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