E1: Shweta Madhu - why I decided to take a year out during medical school


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Shweta Madhu, a UK medical student, talks to us about why she decided to take a year out during medical school, the importance of a five-year plan and the power of LinkedIn in securing new opportunities.

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0:09 intro

1:24 what she's been up to

4:53 why take time out

7:22 why it was the right decision professionally

9:25 on rediscovering hobbies lost in medical school

11:01 how the pandemic has changed her views on her career

14:36 finding opportunities

16:44 the dark side of LinkedIn

17:22 the positive medical community of LinkedIn

18:07 tips to boost your LinkedIn game

20:03 how to approach people for opportunities

24:40 advice for people considering taking time out of training

28:27 specific resources to invest in yourself

30:24 me gushing about Shweta

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