#22 - Erica Amatori (Head of Marketing & Platform @ Alpaca VC) on translating marketing experiences into investment skills, competing on platform capabilities, and incentivizing community engagement


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This week we had on Erica Amatori (@ericaamatori) at Alpaca VC.

Alpaca is a generalist fund that invests in pre-seed and seed deals within the US and Canada. In her role, Erica leads up marketing, platform, community, and operations. Erica has been one of our biggest supporters and most active community members, and we wanted to reward her engagement by highlighting her work.

In this talk, we discuss:

  • Translating marketing experiences into investment skills
  • Why venture firms are investing heavily into platform functions
  • Being a resource for the founders you back (with resources like this and this)
  • Supporting underserved communities
  • Building incentive structures to reward community engagement

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