#42 - Ali Jamal (Founder Partner @ First Check Ventures) on developing a product mindset, how syndicate leads can offer more value than traditional funds, and thoughts on the influx of syndicate leads


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This week we had on Ali Jamal (@MrAliJamal) of First Check Ventures.

First Check is one of the largest and most active syndicates on AngelList, and Ali is the founder and sole member of the team. Since launching in July of 2020, the group has already invested in 25+ companies from around the world.

In this talk, we discuss:

  • Developing a product mindset and using that skillset to support portfolio companies
  • Leveraging a massive syndicate LP base that can offer more value than traditional funds
  • Some thoughts around the massive influx of new syndicate leads, rolling funds, and new forms of capital

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