#43 - Aashay Sanghvi (Investor @ Haystack) on navigating the venture hype cycle, the business and game of being a VC, and breaking down what is attractive about dev tools


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This week we had on Aashay Sanghvi (@aashaysanghvi_) of Haystack.

Haystack is an early-stage fund that backs outlier founders at the earliest stages. Some of their portfolio companies include DoorDash, Instacart, Figma, Carta, and OpenDoor to name a few. Aashay is one of the three members of the team, and he focuses primarily on dev tools, fintech, and healthcare opportunities.

In this talk, we discuss:

  • the hype cycle of a venture career
  • distinction between the business and the game of being a VC
  • things that make developer tools an attractive category to invest in

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