Social Confoes 018 – Practice Active Mindfulness w/ Natasha Fong Poen


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Diego and Jean-luc are joined on #SocialConfoes by Natasha Fong Poen. Natasha will take us on a journey from moving to the Netherlands, starting a corporate career, moving back to Suriname, and finally leaving corporate life behind to found Yogini Su.

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Episode Overview

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 3:57 - Why the interest in health?
  • 9:08 - How do you mentally prepare yourself for an intense 30-day challenge?
  • 11:15 - The calm Natasha vs the corporate rush Natasha
  • 15:38 - Takeaways from the corporate world that positioned you to start something yourself?
  • 21:25 - The story behind the yoga pose photo
  • 26:05 - Thought process on deciding what to study
  • 35:08 - The importance of environment in finding yourself
  • 38:14 - Thoughts on the 'cult' aspect of yoga
  • 40:42 - A memorable travel story
  • 45:39 - Misconceptions around yoga practice
  • 49:14 - The technical aspects of yoga
  • 57:17 - Quickfire
  • 1:00:27 - How can you use yoga to not get burned out in a corporate setting
  • 1:03:33 - Closing off

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