Social Confoes 024 – Representing Suriname at the IDB, Travel and Opportunities w/ Jade Tjon


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In this episode of #SocialConfoes, we have a chat with Jade Tjon. She is the representative for Suriname on the Executive Board of the Inter-American Development Bank Group and serves as the focal point between the Government of Suriname and the Bank, and is dedicated to bringing attention to the needs and opportunities of small and island states. We talked a little about Suriname, about her role as IDB representative, about her traveling experiences and how to leverage opportunities. At the end she also shared for the first time her brand that she is launching in July 2021 called Foreign Exchange, as an effort to raise awareness and action around the Sustainable Development Goals.

Connect with Jade on Linkedin and also check out Foreign Exchange by Jade.

Episode Overview

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 2:17 - Transforming the workspace
  • 10:27 - Projects and IDB investments
  • 12:39 - Where does the IDB get funding from?
  • 25:32 - Experiences and perspectives gained from traveling
  • 33:37 - Lessons from dancing ballet
  • 35:55 - Discrimination as a women in the workplace
  • 39:29 - Getting the job at the IDB
  • 43:04 - Key factors for success
  • 51:57 - Investing in yourself and the value of a coach
  • 54:43 - Announcing Foreign Exchange by Jade
  • 58:10 - Superpowers
  • 1:01:26 - Closing off

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