56: TWIN PETES INVESTING: Recorded LIVE at Mello2019


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In this 10th TwinPetesInvesting podcast recorded live at Mello2019 @WheelieDealer & @conkers3 discuss investing strategy, risks and more:
Fund Management;
AIM stocks;
Noise in the markets;
Thomas Cook/ #TCG;
Portmeiron/ #PMP;
Warren Buffett;
Charlie Munger;
Conviction of your research;
Being shaken out;
Profit warnings/ do they arrive in 3's?
Time frame;
How long are you intending to hold the stock;
Market Makers;
Decision making;
Emotional state;
Market volatility;
Greatest learning;
Reflective practice;
We believe we are better than we are;
Worse time to sell;
Future/ #FUTR;
Progressive dividends;
Maiden dividends;
CEO/Director company changes;
Managing Risk;
Great Western Mining Corp/ #GWMO;
Lord Lee;
Are you suited to investing;
Loss Aversion;
Risk Averse;
Index Trackers;
SafeCharge/ #SCH;
Cognitive Bias;
Corporate Governance;
Red Flags;
Investment Trusts;
Scottish American Investment Co/ #SCAM;
Ethical Investing/ #ESG;
Investing and more.
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It was a huge pleasure performing the TwinPetesInvesting podcast in front of the MelloEvents audience at Mello2019 in Chiswick, London in May. We both had a blast, however none of this would have been possible without the kindness shown to us by @Carmensfella David Stredder, the founder and owner of MelloEvents. Thank you so much David!

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