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Join Tasha Simms and Marc Caron as they speak with Matthew McKay, Ph.D. Dr. McKay is aclinicalpsychologist, professor of psychology at the Wright Institute, cofounder of Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, founder of the Berkeley CBT Clinic, and cofounder of the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic, which serves low-income clients. He has authored and coauthored more than 40 books, including The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook and Seeking Jordan. The publisher of New Harbinger Publications, he lives in Berkeley, California

What is life like after death? What can we expect? How do we release our fears of death and navigate the early stages of the afterlife? The answers to these questions are answered by Jordan, who passed from this life many years ago but still communicates with his father and the author of this remarkable guide to the life-death transition “THE LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE OF THE AFTERLIFE”

There is no better source of information on death and the afterlife than someone who has died and lives in spirit. Channeling his late son, Jordan, psychologist Matthew McKay offers a post death guide for the living, revealing in vivid detail what to expect when we die and how to prepare for the wonders of the afterlife.

The structure and morés of the afterlife are confusing. We arrive without our senses, a nervous system, and all that has anchored us to the world. We find ourselves in a place where a thought, a mere idea, projects images that can capture and overwhelm us. We “see” in all directions; we move by intention rather than physically walking; we hear telepathically rather than listening to sound and words; we connect through the medium of love rather than touching or holding or conversing.

A soul who has newly crossed over is still amnesiac. We don’t know what we know. How we communicate and navigate in spirit has been forgotten. At this moment, having been separated from our body, we need to remember who we are, where we are going, and how to get there.

This book was created to offer four things every soul needs:

  • To know why we’re here
  • To know what to expect at death and transition
  • To know how to navigate without a body
  • To know our work in the spirit world

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Specifically describing the transition experience and the early stages of the afterlife, including how to navigate each stage, Jordan shows how death is a fluid realm of imagination and invention, a luminous landscape created entirely of consciousness. He explains how a soul that has newly crossed over is an amnesiac, arriving without senses, a nervous system, and all that has anchored us to the world. Jordan details how to navigate without a body, how we learn and grow in the spirit world, and how to release anxiety about the end of life and instead view it as another stage of being. He shows that the inferno described by Dante is an optional nightmare caused by thought projections that overwhelm the newly transitioned soul, and he reveals that the bardos are where souls who are beset with fear and false beliefs spend time learning and recovering.

Providing profound relief from the fear of death, as well as exercises to prepare you for navigating and communicating in spirit, Jordan’s message reveals how love is the bonding element that holds all of consciousness—and the afterlife—together. He also documents the unbreakable bond between the living and the dead and teaches the skill of channeling, allowing you to connect to loved ones who have passed.

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Tasha Simms M.A. M.P.C.A

Tasha SimmsTasha is a Registered Professional Counsellor and holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. Her private practice is in downtown Vancouver where she works with both couples and individuals.
Tasha loves designing and facilitating personal growth workshops for diverse groups and businesses. She weaves her skills as a working actor, writer and motivational speaker with her creative, body centered therapeutic approach to teach passionate expression and acceptance of the Authentic Self. Her focus on healthy communication and conscious leadership inspires individuals, couples and organizations to be the best they can be and flourish.
Trained in a variety of disciplines including Family Systems Theory, Gestalt, as well as cognitive and Psycho/Spiritual orientations, she has been practicing the principles of A Course in Miracles for over 20 years. She is known as a mentor with integrity who has taught many individuals as well as counsellors, locally and internationally to embrace their birthright of a life of passionate purpose, joyfully human yet in perfect alignment with their spirit. As a certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming facilitator trained in body work, energy healing and hypnotherapy, her contribution to support this integration is an audio series called Body Awareness Training.

The training includes a sensory meditation designed to wake up feelings in the body, encourage self –knowledge and acceptance and also to invite a deep experience of the Divine Essence that is at the core of us all. Tasha’s curiosity, compassion and juicy celebration of life are just some of the gifts she brings to her commitment to be of service.

Her history in radio makes co-hosting at Conscious Living Radio feel like coming home. Tasha was one of the first female DJ’s on-air in Canada in the mid-day spot in rock n roll radio at Q-107 FM Toronto.

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