Dr. Carolyn West: Psychology Professor, Filmmaker, Author, Speaker, & Domestic Violence Expert


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Trigger Warning: During this conversation we discuss racism and sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised.

Dr. Carolyn M. West is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Washington where she teaches courses on human sexuality, family violence, sex crimes, and sexual violence. She is nationally recognized for her scholarship on gender-based violence in the lives of African American women and specializes in domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. During Dr. West's 30 years in the field of healthy sexuality and racial equality, she has traveled internationally to consult, lecture, and deliver training seminars on topics related to intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Dr. Carolyn West sat down to talk with Consider Before Consuming podcast host, Garrett Jonsson, to discuss the role pornography plays in perpetuating racism and sexual violence. Listeners can also learn more about her documentary, “Let Me Tell Ya’ll ’Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography.” You can find Dr. Carolyn West at www.DrCarolynWest.com.

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