Jose Alfaro: Human Trafficking Survivor, Public Speaker, & Activist


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Trigger Warning: During this conversation we discuss sex trafficking, abuse, and suicide ideation. Listener discretion is advised.

Jose has experienced so much in his life that would be unimaginable for many. While growing up in a small town in Texas, Jose was terrified to come out as gay to his family—particularly his physically and mentally abusive father. After coming out, Jose's family was not accepting. The rejection he faced from his parents played a role in leading Jose to rely on other ill-intentioned adults. Unfortunately, what happened next included a pattern of sexual abuse, manipulation, and sex trafficking at the hands of his abusers who, at the time, disguised themselves as men wanting to help Jose. Jose’s story of being sex trafficked as a male who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community is not one that is often told—even though those in the LGBTQ+ community regularly experience exploitation.

Jose is now a public speaker, author, advocate, activist, and sex trafficking survivor who is sharing his story to help shed a light on these issues. We applaud Jose for his bravery and vulnerability in sharing his story with our listeners.

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