Marisol Nichols: Actress, Activist, & Founder and Executive Director of Slavery Free World


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Trigger Warning: During this conversation we discuss sex trafficking. Listener discretion is advised.

You may know Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge in the hugely popular Warner Bros and Netflix critically acclaimed hit television series Riverdale. To some, the Chicago native is an actress, but to others she’s a hero. After learning about the rampant issue of human trafficking, Marisol has worked with law enforcement and State and Federal Legislators for over a decade to help catch child sexual predators and human traffickers by going undercover. She also founded Foundation for a Slavery Free World, a foundation that produces events in Hollywood to raise awareness of this issue and awards individuals and other non-profit groups for their heroic work in this field. You can learn more about Foundation for a Slavery Free World at and can connect with Marisol on Instagram at @marisolnichols.

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