Richie Hardcore: Public Speaker & Activist


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Trigger warning: The following podcast episode contains quoted graphic song lyrics to bring awareness to how porn can influence culture. Listener discretion is advised.

Meet Richie Hardcore! (Yes, that is his real last name. No, he has not performed in porn.) Richie is a retired professional kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter from New Zealand. Today, he splits his time between training other fighters and his work as an activist, which includes public speaking against the harms of pornography. Richie sits with podcast host Garrett Jonsson to discuss how he came to understand the harms of porn, how pornography negatively influenced him personally, and how important it is to talk to the youth of today about the lies the porn industry sells and, instead, encourage safe and healthy sexuality with a consenting partner. You can find Richie on Instagram (@richiehardcore) or his website,

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