Walter DeKeseredy, Ph.D.: Researcher & Activist


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Did you know that porn can actually deeply affect the way we view and treat those around us? Just ask Walter DeKeseredy, an academic researcher and author who’s been studying violence against women for over 30 years. In addition to the 25 books, 83 scholarly book chapters, and over 100 scientific journal articles he’s published on sexual violence and other related social problems, Dr. DeKeseredy has received so many awards for his work that it’s almost difficult to keep track of. His extensive knowledge and passion for the cause can be clearly heard throughout this episode of Consider Before Consuming. Listen in as Dr. Dekeseredy and podcast host Garrett Jonsson discuss the correlation between pornography and sexual violence, how pornography has changed over the years, and how pornography can affect our relationships to those around us. To learn more about Dr. DeKeseredy and his work, you can visit his faculty page at West Virginia University, where he is the Director of the Research Center on Violence and a Professor of Sociology.

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