A conversation with Suicide Awareness Advocate and Ultrarunner Taylor Maltz


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Taylor is a trail and ultra runner based in Washington, DC where his lives with his awesome wife, Sarah. He spends his days working with media companies as a Management Consultant, and his nights and weekends running, traveling, learning new things, and advocating for Mental Health.

Taylor and I first met at the inaugural Rob Krar Trail Running Camp in Flagstaff 5 years ago. Today we recall the camp and then talk about his background, how he got into running and his journey to becoming an advocate for suicide and mental health awareness. We recorded this at the end of of May before the national outrage about institutionalized racism in police and legal institutions. I hope we can move past the defensiveness and accept responsibility so we can institute change that will allow all Americans to trust and work with law enforcement. I support protesting and I urge public health, law enforcement and other civic agencies adopt policies to allow safer protesting during a pandemic. I hope you are all well and thank you for listening. Please subscribe and leave a review and comment, it really helps! I hope my conversation inspires you to support reducing stigma and support suicide awareness, suicide hotline and reducing the barriers to effective mental health care.

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The National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 add it to your contact list!


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