Message to inmates in any jail in the USA or the world / Part 2


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Message to inmates in any jail in the USA or the world. The guest is Chicago Community Activist Mark Clements. Mr. Willis and Host Clifton Raheem Bradley of the " Underground Railroad TV show that online so you can view the TV show. ** Note see the video at this you-tube website link
The Topic is a "Message to inmates in any jail in the USA or the world ".. We discussed the jail system, Cook County Jail, Statesville Prison in IL, Chicago Mayor Lorie Lightfoot, Tom Dart
Cook County Sheriff and Chicago former gang leader Larry Hoover of the Gangster Disciples and Former gang leader Jeff Fort Fort co-founded the Black P. Stones gang and founder of its El Rukn faction., Former gang leader of the Luis Felipe, also known as "King Blood", is a Cuban-American former gang leader and is the founder of the New York chapter of the Latin Kings (ALKN) street gang. and shoulder they be let out of jail to help their community?
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