V@cc1nes Controversy 6: Jonas Salk, Bill Gates, Epstein, Abramovic, and the Technopaths' Pursuit of Immortality!


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We CONTINUE our journey of exploring vaccines! We'll look at the biggest names behind the support for v@ccines- Bill Gates and Jonas Salk! (*as well as a brief connection to Epstein & p1zz@ queen Marina Abramovic!). We'll look at their attitudes of an elite that knows what's best, the philosophy that technology is the savior of mankind, and the push for a perfected society! We'll look at Salk's patents, the Survival of the Wisest, Abraham Flexner, the Rockefeller's, the AMA, population control, Bill Gates' cozy relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and much more!
If you only listen to one of my v@cc1ne shows- THIS IS THE ONE!
*I am NOT a medical expert nor is this medical advice! This is my personal research to question the official narrative and see if we can poke holes in it (which of course, we can). However please PLEASE do your own research, talk to a doctor you trust, come to your own conclusions and don't live up to what others want you to do- I would never judge someone for their beliefs on this.*
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