Bonus Sample: Strongman Heroes, Barefoot Science, & Fake Victims


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Conspiritualists amp up their victimhood-fetish by comparing anti-vaxxers to Jim Crow-era African Americans and Jews under the Holocaust. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson questions vaccines, bangs the CRT red-scare propaganda drum, and swoons over Hungarian fascist Viktor Orban.

For this week’s Bonus, Julian compares Fox News’s idealizing coverage of Orban to how they treat another famous Hungarian, boogeyman of the far-right, George Soros. He also tells the tragic tale of Trofim Lysenko—Stalin’s “barefoot scientist,” to illustrate how pseudoscience actually flourishes (to everyone’s detriment) under real totalitarianism.

Show Notes

The Soviet Era’s Deadliest Scientist Is Regaining Popularity in Russia

Under fascism, a generation of scientific knowledge was lost in Spain

Hungarian scientists are on edge as country is poised to force out top university

Say it with statues: Brick-and-mortar revisionism in Orban’s Hungary

Orban shocks the world again: He admits to being a Nazi pilot, calling him a knight and a hero

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