61: From Anti-Feminism to Anti-Vax (w/ Dr. Annie Kelly)


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It takes patience, empathy, and a steady hand to paint a detailed landscape of the politics and culture that connect anti-feminism to ethnonationalism to the broader obsessions of conspirituality.

Dr. Annie Kelly’s scholarship in these spaces reveals a network of “subversion anxieties”: that patriarchy will be replaced by social justice autocrats, that the privileged will be brought low, that feminism will destroy hetero freedoms and pleasures, that human bodies will become cyborgs, that collectivism will replace capitalism. As our guest host this week, she’ll be our tour guide through the last decade of hot internet garbage, and explain how she’s kept her manners and wits intact enough to gain the trust of QAnon moms on the front lines of the U.K.’s anti-lockdown movement. We’ll also talk about her new brilliant podcast “Vaccine: The Human Story,” which takes the history of smallpox and its eradication as an object lesson for the COVID era.

On the vaccine tip, our brief Ticker will address how the yoga world showed its anti-vax ass by trolling a Yoga Journal writer who dared to argue that getting vaccinated was a practice of non-violence.

02:09 Ahimsa Meets MAGA

12:36 From Anti-Feminism to Anti-Vax

1:24:00 Yoga Journal Replies

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Show Notes

Wolf Terry: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Was My Act of Ahimsa

Matthew Remski: How Yoga Journal Set Off an Anti-Vax Backlash

Kelly: Opinion | The Housewives of White Supremacy

Kelly: The alt-right: Reactionary rehabilitation for white masculinity

QAA Episode 110: Mothers For QAnon w/ Annie Kelly by QAnon Anonymous

Kelly: Vaccine, the Human Story

Anti-Vaxxers Could Be Helping Create Deadlier Versions of Covid

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