67: The Promise & Peril of Psychedelics


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Psychedelics are all the rage in the investment world, with hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into research-based startups in the hope of finding interventions for addiction, depression, PTSD, end-of-life anxieties, and much more. But is it too much? Are we, as has happened with numerous substances in the past, placing too much faith in plant medicine? Will investors expecting a return on investment skew the research? And, more to the point of this podcast, is the burgeoning crop of yoga instructors turned shamans promising more than they can deliver?

With Matthew on a much-deserved vacation this week, Julian interviews Derek about these topics based on Derek’s 2020 book, Hero’s Dose: The Case for Psychedelics in Ritual & Therapy.

In the Ticker this week, Julian looks at the growing list of anti-vax, COVID-is-a-hoax conservative radio hosts dying of COVID. We begin with the obvious: Joe Rogan recently contracted COVID, and admitted to undergoing what might be the most insane drug regimen to date.

10:24 The Ticker

20:57 Hero’s Dose

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Show Notes

Robert David Steele Dies from Covid, While Denying Covid

Anti-Vax Conservative Radio Hosts Dying from Covid

Caleb Wallace, 30-year-old Freedom Rally Organizer Dies from Covid

Texas GOP official who Mocked Covid, dies from it

Hero’s Dose: The Case for Psychedelics in Ritual & Therapy

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