Ep. 60 On FATEREON: Quantum Blood Systems w/ Negashi Armada & Nicholas Campbell Pts. 1 & 2.


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2+ hour episode episode HERE

2+ hours w/ artists Negashi Armada and Nicholas Campbell to discuss the burgeoning reexamination of esotericism and non-philosophical nihilism and how this came to be. We dive into Berserk (Kentaru Miura), medievalism, perennialism, Sufi gnosticism, Mitchell Heisman's incredible meditation on the extinction in Suicide Note, Dark Mountain Society Angelecism01's blog, Black Mountain Society and the evaluation of whether our values really HAVE any value to begin with.

Part 1: Negashi Armada: Berserk, Medievalism, Sufism, Mechanical Grids of Violence, Mohammad & Charlemagne, Dark Mountain Manifesto

Part 2: Starts at 52 minutes: Nicholas Cambell w/ N.A: Mitchell Heisman, Peak Oil, Rene Guenon, Angelicism01, BAP

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