Ket Patrol 3: The Return of MIYA (BPD_GOD) PREVIEW


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After a one year absence, MIYA (BPD_God) has returned to Sierra's Ket Patrol to give an incredibly rare interview and FINALLY answer the question of who Miya REALLY is. One of the most controversial internet figures of all time, the egregore of kaliacc sewed cybernetic chaos wherever its network reached and then one day, vanished. Is Miya a boy or a girl or multiple people? An anatomy of evil, or merely an art project? Are all of the rumors true? We ask the questions everyone wants to know, and speak about some of the dangers of social media, what network spirituality is, how Miya exited fringe political rw philosophy for good, retiring from the internet/the origins of the internet, God's Boyfriend Jeans, and much more. Too hot for public consumption; subscribe to CONTAIN for full interview

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