52. Brad Cloepfil


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Brad Cloepfil founded Allied Works in 1994 in Portland, Oregon. Since 2000, the practice has grown steadily through the completion of major museum projects, innovative educational facilities, residences and workplaces of diverse scale, purpose and character. Allied Works was established to engage artists, builders, and thinkers in a collective pursuit of new expression. Their ethic is boundless curiosity and uncommon commitment to creating beautiful, moving, and meaningful work.
Cloepfil and Zuckerman discuss architecture, the impact of geography on creativity, ritual practice, “the Robert Frost of architects,” the role of the room, finding an architecture you don’t yet know, that the building is never subject nor the answer, the truth and possibilities of beauty, making contemporary relevant spiritual space, the need for God, where ethical conversations can occur, the discipline of listening, the transcendent, hell yeses!


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