Big Willy Jeep Builder, Burner, and Flat Fender enthusiast, Ian Liljeblad on Episode 51


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Big Willy Jeep builder, Burner, and flatfender enthusiast Ian Liljeblad shares life in Arizona and how one gets started building a 2:1 rig. Caution: serious fab skills are involved! From a history of learning from the best, Ian has built some cool rigs.

4:12 – early influences

7:54 – the Impala from beginning to end

14:34– really happy I’m a Jeep guy, not a Scout guy

17:31 –met these guys in Phoenix in this Jeep Think Tank

19:01 – started at FST, Fly-N-Hi’s fab shop, with Ellis and Geiser

24:08 – first chassis for myself, 2x4 tube CJ7

26:52 – inspired by the Big Rig Jig

28:25 – Burning Man changed my life

31:28 – building a mutant vehicle/art car

36:34 – falling in love with flatfenders

37:25 – the influence of Walter Productions

39:25 – I built Big Willy in seven months

47:48 – The Burning Man DMV accepted it as is

53:22 – the Go Devil run

1:02:10 – Big Willy Jeep, replacement parts for flat fenders

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