Bombs and off-road and Harry Wagner in Episode 43


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The elusive Harry Wagner, he’s here in the heart of off-road, and then he’s off finding unexploded bombs in places the rest of us would never think to look. I’m glad there are geophysicists, like Harry, out there looking! With an early history in the Jeep market, Harry has moved through many vehicles through his editorial marching orders. Today he drives a Tundra and an F150 most days. Follow him at @harrysituations

4:45 – I was a nerd

8:19 – Busted! There was still mud

10:59 –Overlanding was just what they did

14:02 – UXO – unexploded ordnance

18:53 – pre-blog writing to mom

20:26 – the start of freelance work

21:43 – you caught me off guard

25:33 – favorite journalist story?

28:40 – going to Baja

31:17 – Ultimate Adventure is pretty squared away

33:58 – future Harry

38:13 – What attracts you to an event?

42:41 – editorially dead

51:42 – Off-roading still remains fun

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