Brad Williams and his Hobby job at Maxxis on Episode 54


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Making a big impact on the tire scene, Maxxis National Director of Sales, Brad Williams talks about his hobby job at Maxxis in Motorsports. Automotive and Light Truck Tires is what he really does, but thank goodness he had time in his schedule to attend a rock crawl. It changed the path of history for many drivers and event series, including WE Rock.

3:42 – second generation tire guy

10:18 – planning for my future

12:20 – I’ll hang around as long as they’ll let me

14:15 – they’ll let you know how bad you did after

18:26 – What are you doing next weekend?

25:35 – So, he picked two drivers – one a cheerleader, one a winner

28:49 – learned how tough the tires had to be

31:01 – I didn’t have an official job in motorsports, it’s just a hobby

34:28 – we need a 17” tire and a softer compound – don’t embarrass yourself, Brad

37:12 – cleaning out the cage to outfit the team

44:31 – this is our identity

54:35 – Pistol Pete was going to get us attention

1:05:28 – Jesse is still with us and doing great things

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