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Clayton Walters is an industry icon, building Clayton Off-Road from the ground up. He is the name in long-arm kits. Listen to his story and how it began and where it’s headed next. There’s a lot of laughs with a guy like Clayton..

3:22 – always had a knack with mechanical stuff

6:26 – lifting Grand Cherokees, “it’s just terrible”

9:48 – I’ll build this for $1500, but I gotta have ten orders

11:40 – my lousy pick up line “I can put a long arm kit on that”

14:14 – we had a one-car garage with a portable garage beside it

17:07 – I can’t send the government a bunch of control arms

20:58 – how’re we going to save money? (listen up as Clayton explains their process)

27:30 – adding value for our customers

31:13 – it was a rude awakening with football

33:26 – don’t let the Night Rider get ya

40:54 – is my 25 year old mind having issues with my 58 year old body? Or vice-versa?

44:19 – the wet t-shirt contest

46:20 – building Erik Miller’s first Jeep

51:49 – racing the Rausch Creek qualifier…and the expensive piss

Clayton Off Road, the premium Jeep Suspension Company.

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