Intense, fun-lovin' Doug Bigelow on Episode 41 talks football, kids and competition


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Family life dominates this week’s guest, Doug Bigelow, as he raises boys to be as driven as he has always been. An intense competitor on the course, but fun-lovin’ round the campfire, Doug shares life in Maryland, football, future plans and life at home with us.

4:34 – I thought I was king of the world

6:21 – Lessons from the field

9:29 –I thought criminology was going to be my path

10:36 – I met Kat by accident

14:25 – Frog Eye Mud Bog

21:22 –that first Jeep opened my eyes to a world of possibilities

28:30 – loaded up for the Badlands

33:23 – afterparties at Jellico

37:22 –picking lines quick and fast

40:31 –“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”

52:25 –the coolest thing

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