Jokester extraordinaire, Eric Filar, on Episode 44


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Join us for a few laughs with Eric Filar, jokester extraordinaire. Rich and Eric talk about so much history, building Sniper, racing Baja, working at Motive Gear. All good stuff with a lot of insight and history. We thought it was a great time to release this episode with KOH going on. Eric is the master behind these two masterpieces: Average LCQ competitor talking with his wife Hitler hears the Results of KOH 2013

3:18 – It’s just in the my blood

7:08 – Oh, that’s TMI on the Chevy Love

11:02 –Two-ball sports vs. one-ball sports

14:43 – those g*ddamn big tires

16:39 – Cherry Bomb

28:31 – I’m building such garbage

32:21 – building the Scorpion

35:33 – Eyebrows on cars?

51:15 – You gotta have boggers

52:44 – when in doubt, throttle out

56:51 – where did John Reynolds come in?

1:06:52 – We decided to send it!

1:09:20 – Ron starts talking smack with Lance and Camo

1:18:12 – Take all the stickers off!

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