Making Shifting Great Again, Rory DesJardin on Episode 38


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Making shifting great again, Rory DesJardin, from RADesigns joins us to share info on his products and business and the path he has been on to make it a success. Get to know Rory as we have these last couple of seasons.

1:47 – getting started with motorcycles

4:23 – gotta have the right tires

11:22 – first-generation shifter for my Toyota

13:36 – The Shifter Guy

17:14 – my career before Shifters

20:32 – that’s me, that’s me!

25:12 – the environment at WE Rock

36:05 – everybody wants to be like the racers

40:32 – making the last big change

53:40 – the size of the industry

Reach out to Rory at New phone #509-624-1607

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