New WE Rock Competitor, Jeff Houser, highlights his first season in Episode 35


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New competitor to WE Rock, Jeff Houser, shares what it is like to start. You know, when you are new to a sport how you are excited and nervous and learning your car…Jeff describes his first season, the ups and downs.

The 2021 WE Rock season schedule just released, if you’re thinking about competing in rockcrawling this next season, listen up, hear the emotion, imagine yourself in the driver’s seat.

1:36.70 – With age comes cage

13:34:30 – I’ve got to have this buggy

19:59:89 – It’s not going to fit in the trailer

28:40:61 – Running on Unlimited lines in Goldendale

42:30:93 – The first event

51:46:18 – Sand Hollow, 2nd event

1:01:30 – Trying to get to Donner

1:08:74 – We’ve got to go to Goldendale

1:14:41 – Please, we have to get to Nationals

1:21:43 – the camaraderie is the key

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